Henry G. Martin
The Henry G. Martin Family Foundation desires to financially help seminarians who are vessels of the Master, called by the Lord, so that we may all bring glory to our awesome God and Savior.
Amount & Duration
Scholarship awards shall be granted to students who have already completed at least one full-time academic year at the Seminary. Scholarships may range from $1,000 per academic year to amounts equaling full tuition, fees and required books per academic year. Click here for full details.
Grantee Class
Returning Seminary students will be eligible for consideration. The Grantee Class is limited to returning students based on many factors. Such factors like, likelihood of completing Seminary, dedication, commitment and strength of character from the strain of Seminary life. Click here for full details.
Selection Criteria
Scholarships will be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis consistent with the Henry G. Martin Family Foundationís exempt status and the purpose of the grant. Click here for full details.
Selection Committee
The Selection Committee will be composed of members of the board of directors, along with individuals selected by the board who exhibit a personal love for Christ, a familiarity with Seminary, along with the desire of formal training for future pastors, teachers and missionaries. Click here for full details.
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Mission & Purpose

When thinking of God's abundant grace towards all of us, we cannot completely comprehend the breadth, length and height of it. As the apostle Paul said, it is the responsibility and privilege of every chosen man to know the love and grace of Christ, which is broader than all the universe, deeper than the sea, and higher than the height of heaven (Ephesians 3:14-21). In view of these truths and many other, we are indeed privileged to participate in this venture of support for the Kingdom of our God. The Lord has set aside "apostles, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:11-12). It is the goal of "THE HENRY G. MARTIN FAMILY FOUNDATION" to participate in supporting those who equip our Lord's church for the Great Commission.

The great realities of our faith provide the motivation for the Foundation's existence: to glorify God by financially supporting those who preach the Gospel of Christ's sufficient death, resurrection, and ascension throughout the world until He returns. More specifically, the Foundation desires to financially help seminarians who are vessels of the Master, called by the Lord, so that we may all bring glory to our awesome God and Savior. The Foundation is convinced that it is a worthy cause to financially help men who are being formally trained to preach the gospel and teach people to obey, through the careful and thorough study of the Scriptures, and who are called as missionaries, pastors and teachers to fulfill the demands of the Lord's Great Commission.

The Foundation's legal purpose is to promote post-graduate students through the issuance of scholarships.


The Foundation's educational and religious purposes will be implemented through a scholarship program in which the Foundation will award scholarships for tuition, books and fees, and living expenses to selected students desiring to further their religious study by obtaining a post-graduate degree on a full-time basis from the Master's Seminary located in the San Fernando Valley, California and/or the Expositors Seminary located in Jupiter, Florida (collectively, the "Seminary") (the "Scholarship Program").

Nature of Scholarships

The scholarships will be offered for actual tuition, books and fees, or portions thereof, charged by The Seminary to the student for the student's formal education (or that the student is required to purchase if pertaining to books/materials) while pursuing a formal, post-graduate degree at the Seminary. As such, the grants will be excluded from gross income under IRC 117(a), as these costs and fees are required for educational purposes. Any scholarship funds that are awarded for living expenses are not excluded from gross income under IRC 117(a).

The scholarships will be "grants" within the meaning of IRC 4945(d)(3) and will satisfy the requirements of IRC 4945(g) in all respects.